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July 2013

Agile and Dominic Systems develop Integration between SysPro ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...

April 2013

Agile and Dominic Systems develop a Telephony Integration Desktop Application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...

February 2012

Agile develops Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 customizations for Dominic Systems' clients more...

December 2011

Agile works with CoroWare to integrate a Silverlight app into the SharePoint installation of a Fortune 500 company. more...

October 2010

Agile develops Silverlight website for A Beautiful World. more...

December 2009

Agile Software is now a Microsoft Silverlight Partner. more...

June 2009

Agile Software developed a website completely in Microsoft Silverlight for Agile Somalis. more...

Jan 2008

Glenbriar Technologies contracts Agile Software to develop custom telephony solution for the CGA Association of Alberta more...

May 2007

Agile Software develops comprehensive SQL Server 2005 Reporting solution for major broadcast company

February 2007

Glenbriar Technologies and Agile Software launch updated Greeting Assistant Software product for office telephone operators more...

  Breeder Websites
Standard Features
We have developed a re-usable template to quickly create websites for breeders of purebred animals, written completely in Microsoft Silverlight. Out of the box, you can enter:
  • Home
  • Males
  • Females
  • Litters
  • Image Galleries
  • Videos
  • Links
  • News
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Info
Each Male, Female, & Litter can have an unlimited number of images.
You may have an unlimited number of themed image galleries.
Custom Features & Services
We can work with you to develop a logo, color scheme and unique look for your site.
Custom pages can be added (e.g. pedigrees)
To see a running example site, follow this link:
Agile Somalis
Our standard website template allows you to upload videos of your animals in action.
Videos are an extremely effective way for you to show the world how socialized and friendly your babies are.
Videos that you take with your digital camera or cell phone may not be appropriate for presentation over the web. We can help you reformat your videos, as well as create thumbnail images from them for optimum effect on your website.
Administration Website
All the data you enter: males, females, litters, galleries, videos, links, news, testimonials, and contact information is completely dynamic. You can enter it all yourself, using our secure Breeder Administration Website. Once your site has been set up, you have no further development costs to keep it up to date.
The image to the left illustrates the screen you use to enter picutres of one of your animals. Note that you may enter an unlimited number of pictures for each male, female, litter, and image gallery.
All images and descriptive data is stored securely in a SQL Server database which is backed up regularly. Using a database to store your data (rather than the file system) means that your site maintains data integrity -- for example, you do not need to know what image files are currently referenced, because the system manages your data for you.
In addition, all data is validated before being saved.

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