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July 2013

Agile and Dominic Systems develop Integration between SysPro ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...

April 2013

Agile and Dominic Systems develop a Telephony Integration Desktop Application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...

February 2012

Agile develops Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 customizations for Dominic Systems' clients more...

December 2011

Agile works with CoroWare to integrate a Silverlight app into the SharePoint installation of a Fortune 500 company. more...

October 2010

Agile develops Silverlight website for A Beautiful World. more...

December 2009

Agile Software is now a Microsoft Silverlight Partner. more...

June 2009

Agile Software developed a website completely in Microsoft Silverlight for Agile Somalis. more...

Jan 2008

Glenbriar Technologies contracts Agile Software to develop custom telephony solution for the CGA Association of Alberta more...

May 2007

Agile Software develops comprehensive SQL Server 2005 Reporting solution for major broadcast company

February 2007

Glenbriar Technologies and Agile Software launch updated Greeting Assistant Software product for office telephone operators more...

  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013  
Agile Software is proud to collaborate with Dominic Systems  to provide customized CRM Solutions  
The recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 offers expanded opportunities for tailoring the product to meet your exact needs.
Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is now a reality for small to medium enterprises in almost any industry. After years of failing to deliver on the promises, the CRM industry has matured to the point that business owners can confidently embark on a CRM project secure in the knowledge that the software, training, implementation and configuration has all been done before for similar sizes, flavours and types of company many times over.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers you two options: on-Line and on-Premises.
On-Line means "available via the internet". You do not install programs on your servers; rather they are installed in a data centre somewhere, managed by Microsoft or a third party. When you want to use the program, you connect to it via the internet. This is a great option for SMBs, who do not have in-house IT resources to manage their CRM installation.

On-Premises means literally "on your premises". In other words, you purchase a license to use software and install it on your servers, PCs and laptops. You have an IT department (internal or external) that takes care of all the required on-premise resources, including the underlying servers, database, network, communications to the outside world and so forth.

Note that you can always migrate an on-line installation to an on-premises installation should your needs change.


There are several critical steps to implementing a successful CRM installation.

The first is that a person who has both a good understanding of business processes and a expert-level knowledge of the capabilities of CRM 2011 & 2013 meet with you to define your business requirements. This is a very interactive process, because there is great need for clarification of details, and often there are different options for achieving your needs.

The deliverable from this stage is a concise but comprehensive, readable document expressing your CRM requirements.

Once the requirements phase has been completed, the requirements must be implemented. This means that the CRM installation must be configured, and possible custom extensions programmed. It is sometimes said that implementation is the most critical component of any systems project. Because this phase is so crucial to a successful outcome, Microsoft has developed a template for the methodology to follow in designing and implementing a CRM installation, called SureStep. We encourage you to learn more about it at Microsoft Dynamics SureStep .

No matter what system you choose or which partner you choose to support you, it will increase your chances of success.
Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

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