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July 2013

Agile and Dominic Systems develop Integration between SysPro ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...

April 2013

Agile and Dominic Systems develop a Telephony Integration Desktop Application for Microsoft Dynamics CRM more...

February 2012

Agile develops Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 customizations for Dominic Systems' clients more...

December 2011

Agile works with CoroWare to integrate a Silverlight app into the SharePoint installation of a Fortune 500 company. more...

October 2010

Agile develops Silverlight website for A Beautiful World. more...

December 2009

Agile Software is now a Microsoft Silverlight Partner. more...

June 2009

Agile Software developed a website completely in Microsoft Silverlight for Agile Somalis. more...

Jan 2008

Glenbriar Technologies contracts Agile Software to develop custom telephony solution for the CGA Association of Alberta more...

May 2007

Agile Software develops comprehensive SQL Server 2005 Reporting solution for major broadcast company

February 2007

Glenbriar Technologies and Agile Software launch updated Greeting Assistant Software product for office telephone operators more...

  Microsoft Silverlight
Agile Software is proud to be a Microsoft Silverlight Partner.
Silverlight is a browser plug-in that enables .NET developers to leverage their skills in producing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) usually associated with Flash programming. While a relatively new technology, it is rapidly gaining market presence, in part because it was the technology of choice by NBC when providing video feeds of the last Olympic Games.
  • From TechCrunch:

    "The announcements around Microsoft’s new Silverlight platform yesterday were important to anyone who is thinking about where the web will evolve. For those of us watching the demos at the Mix conference the immediate importance of it was apparent - Silverlight will be the platform of choice for developers who build rich Internet applications. It makes Flash/Flex look like an absolute toy. After the keynote, the main topic of conversation in the hallways centered on just how effectively Microsoft carried out its execution of Adobe." (For the full article, see Take time to understand Silverlight - it's important.)

  • To see what Silverlight can offer, here is a gallery of Silverlight applications:  Silverlight Showcase.

  • There are lots of heated discussions about the comparative capabilities of Silverlight and Flash. But in our opinion, the single most important factor in favour of Silverlight is that it builds on the skills of an enormous community of seasoned developers using Microsoft .Net technology. Along with this huge cohort of developers is a huge community of forums, blogs, and other developer-to-developer support groups.

Silverlight can be used to develop complete websites -- for an example, see a site developed for a breeder of purebred cats at Breeder Website.
Silverlight components can easily be added to existing websites, so you can choose the most important areas of your website to concentrate upon when creating a Rich Internet experience for your visitors.
Below is an example of Silverlight content embedded in a standard web page.
This sample illustrates using Silverlight transitions to load images. Download the Source Code .

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